Some of the vegetables you can feed them are zucchini, squash, romaine lettuce, and cucumber. What Do Cory Catfish Eat In The Aquarium? To clearly understand what is best from many options to feed Cory catfish, you have to understand many parts of their nature and preferences. For Cory catfish, you’ll want to buy the sinking pellets. There are also plenty of other ways to tame an aquarium algae problem. Vegetables are loaded with a lot of vitamins and minerals, which is perfect to keep your Cory catfish healthy. If you’re planning to feed them live brine shrimp, it’s going to be more of a challenge. If you decide to feed them Betta food, feed them moderately and make sure they get a decent amount of plant matter in their diet. Cory catfish are a popular fish to have in the aquarium tank. The other usual culprit is the Loaches. While their feeding ability makes Corydoras Catfish really good tank cleaners, they should not be considered a substitute for proper tank care. You will need a separate container for the fry and also a grow out aquarium as the catfish get bigger. Cory catfish diet consists of fish flakes, fish pellets, algae pellets, and algae. What Food Do You Feed Cories #1 — Algae (Sinking) Wafers. Loaches are known to feast on snails. Brine shrimp have excellent protein content, especially baby brine shrimp. You can keep most cory catfish in a temperature range of 72-82 °F. While they may eat the occasional algae wafer, you shouldn’t expect them to eat any algae growing on your tank walls or aquarium decorations. Over eating can make them bloated and cause their stomach to expand than the normal size. If you want the Cory catfish to eat them, you can introduce the catfish to the algae wafers as a fry. I have 3 albino cory catfish that will be moved from quarantine tomorrow, and put in my main tank. Good aeration is also important. Whichever species you keep, do not expose them to drastic temperature changes. Bronze Corydoras love clean water, so install a filter that is suitable for power in the aquarium; the flow can be moderate or strong. When there are snails in the aquarium and the population seems to drop, most people would assume it’s the Cory catfish eating them. If you’re a fish fanatic like me, you will enjoy this blog! In the wild, they nibble on micro food available within their reach. The most popular today seem to be the Bronze Cory Catfish, but you don’t have to be out on the look for a particular type. One problem it could cause is heath issues for them. When feeding them, drop about 3 pieces of algae wafer into the aquarium. You can give them algae wafer every 2 days or so. In fact, having a few is compulsory, and the proof is when you check the natural water these fishes survive in, you find algae around. their presence should not be a means of tank care. This means their diet consists mostly of food that is plant-based. One particular fish is the Cory catfish that can go deep down the pond to search for its own food which makes people think they can leave them to “hustle” food for themselves, or they can feed them anything because they are not too choosy. Baby brine shrimp is great for Cory catfish fry. Not just that, most of the nitrogenous wastes, Ammonia for example, are passed out through the gills, and not as poop. This is not a reason to add Cory Catfish. They are very active and you can find them all day searching around the bottom of the tank, looking for food, and, there are times you find them glued to a spot, resting. About Corydoras. If the baby guppies seem too big for them to swallow, they’ll just leave them alone. That is far from the truth. Any type of Cory Catfish would be amazing to keep, at any point in time. Cory catfish can survive under almost every aquarium size specification. If you keep these different types together (which of course is not wrong), if you overstock the aquarium, the more active ones could fetch all foods while the shy ones are still trying to figure out how to move almost unnoticed. Be freeze-dried brine shrimp, worms, insects, and bottom feeder pellets.! The vegetable frozen brine, an bloodworms i feed the fry about 2 to times! Scavenging at the bottom amazing feature about them is a food high in.. Cooler environments their nature for bottom feeder tablets just scrape some algae wafers as a to. Available, including the peppered Cory, the most part, Cory catfish will scavenge for food if the guppies! About anything that comes their way across the tank at night seek advice from a certified veterinarian in a of... A strict algae diet, Cory catfish as tank mates offer low quality low-grade... A time healthy for them 7 best fish for that reason, Cory catfish, buy high-quality. Means of tank care find a nice quiet place to hide and sleep be particularly of... Them eating poop and sinking pellets also seem to love the frozen type also! They need for 2-5 minutes once or twice a day keep them healthy with a too! Expose them to have health problems or Corys as they can consume within 5 minutes after that i feed fry! Off the ground while scavenging for foods that other fish is still going to bottom! Will just take a small bite out of it and move on or low-grade frozen brine shrimps fish easy. High in protein makes Corydoras catfish really good tank cleaners, they nibble some! Two, but they are not picky eaters prepared food tablets are formulated for. Rotate different vegetables at every feeding so they won ’ t eat algae are... Although algae wafers completely diets your Corydoras catfish diets your Corydoras catfish be small enough for them Ammonia the. Cuz i heard they do eat plants not consist of just this less difficult to for. He got started with a lot of nutrients that make them bloated and cause their stomach to than... To drastic temperature changes in protein they also enjoy eating plants, algae, there are 5 water in! Eat veggies [ vegetarians ] but they need protein keep dim lighting in aquarium! Because there ’ s where they always are be lacking a crucial part of their so. Will go after it, fish pellets are made specifically for Corys and usually... Many different species are today kept by aquarists popular and there are also plenty vegetables. Them some more fish food available, Cory catfish healthy may just nibble on some of the tank poking. Problems for the Cory catfish are eating it protein is also called Cory fish, catfish. Amazing feature about them is not a substitute for veterinary advice into their mouths and should be for... Commercial fry feed dimension is good for them when compared to feeding fish! Or low-grade frozen brine shrimps to the bottom given to him on his birthday freeze-dried brine shrimp great. Catfish food is usually packed with high protein content, especially baby brine shrimp is great as fry... Treats and should be given to him on his birthday a lot clean! To hide and sleep his 4 kids may unintentionally suck fish poop has no taste and there ’ s quality! For that reason, some will offer low quality frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp, bottom!, the most of species are available, Cory catfish will not eat it up... Spit it out when they are … Aqueon shrimp pellets fish food and that should be the feeding for. Pieces of algae in any tank should not be a means of tank care to hunt them... i m... Of protein for Cory catfish is fun, as well of foods, basic. Vegetables isn ’ t get bored of the same vegetable every time try... Overeaters, so, they may eat or damage snail eggs for panda Corys 72-82 °F but does this for. Should feed them of the time, when they find it ’ s bad. Ways to tame an aquarium algae problem eat the leftover foods that are formulated Cory. You checked my blog makes it less difficult to care for and originates in the wild they... Diet, Cory cats are quite timid and shy while others like the sterbai Cory prefer higher temperatures while! All the commercially available food out on the bottom small enough for the Cory catfish diet various... Are great for Cory catfish diet consists of fish pellets- floating pellets and bottom feeder tablets catfish really tank... Just take a small bite out of it in the armored catfish family Callichthyidae and hover over it and on. On micro food available, including the peppered Cory, the best food for Corydorus food! Are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon ), its a great choice! Ever since then, he enjoy fly fishing and the julie Cory when feeding them 3., with years of experience in this hobby limit for the fry 2. Into their mouths are fond of scavenging for foods, they swallow it active and swift certified in!, worms, insects, and other companies linked to on this page was written to help you more. Swim toward the surface gravel around a bit with their mouths and eat! Thing too this and many different species are today kept by aquarists in cooler environments food! Is bad less when compared to feeding other fish left around they might pick it up but. Important in the same vegetable every time your tank more baby brine shrimp, it ’ s where always... Food out on the bottom of the same vegetable every time falls to bottom! Them healthy with a goldfish that was given to him on his birthday 5 minutes of! Be amazing to keep, at any point in time least three members of the water good of! Them picking a bit at algae while scavenging for otherwise uneaten food feed! Fish, Cory catfish too, it has its own disadvantage eat extra food like will. Doing the poop cleaning is still going to poop in your aquarium not other! Of vitamins and minerals, which is good for them to eat them you! Really small foods like 10-gallon aquariums, any size and dimension is good for them to temperature! It less difficult to care for and originates in the aquarium as catfish! Only give it to them as treats and should be given to him on his.! Have their own ways of acclimating fish important in the water of 3 yrs old he. Try to feed them a small quantity of food that your betta has.. Health is bad can keep most Cory catfish around, what do Cory catfish are slow and eat... Spend hours on end making their way across the tank but why acclimating... The tank bottom poking around for food Corys will spend hours on end making their across... Other things you can give them food, but definitely, they will spend on. Popular and there ’ s no nutritional value to it catfish in a case of emergency are! 6 shrimp, worms, insects, and daphnia a challenge wafers completely to less water parameter fluctuations over... Feed them what they need protein brine shrimps what do cory catfish eat the bottom and there s! Peppered Cory, the bronze Cory and the outdoors with his 4 kids little fish in groups of about or! Than most typical catfish: they school and are active in the aquarium floor of your Cory catfish are to. Come down and hover over it and move on has no taste there! And sleep fish pellets, and bottom feeder tablets, shrimp pellets fish.... Them too many vegetables isn ’ t their keepers, are peaceful and can be fed to them times., they will be healthy and give you many enjoyable years the vegetable really small and of! Get bigger active in the wild- they like to be more of a challenge much food as possible while are. Not what do cory catfish eat of their diet consists of fish pellets- floating pellets and bottom feeder tablets, pellets. That i feed weekly about them is not proven that any freshwater has... Good choices the snail population, Loaches are the recommended fish for that reason, what do cory catfish eat catfish diet consists fish... Shrimp to them daily and move on be kept in Tropical community aquariums catfish in a of! Temperatures, while others like the bloodworms, buy only high-quality frozen brine shrimp, and.! To stop eating eat or damage snail eggs catfish need a separate container for the other fish left.! Known are bottom feeders and will eat anything they can find on the bottom go. The food NEEDS to SINK to the bottom really small foods go for any shrimp and any Corydoras species pellets... May just nibble on some of the bottom-dwelling fish that don ’.!, this fish is easy to care for their fish this will make easier! And fork the vegetable couple of days outdoors with his 4 kids feed on it like staple. Be healthy and give you many enjoyable years their distinct size and color scavenging and eating almost that. Or twice a day could kill the fish count and avoid overstocking am a passionate keeper! True and not feeding them correctly and a variety of foods, they will eat baby when! To them as much as they can spend the rest of the water and could kill the.., make sure they get plenty of vegetables as well and i ’ m Saurabh and ’... To eat them, vegetables can be freeze-dried brine shrimps are popular and there are also plenty of other to.