Image Styling

Your personal brand is your edge.

Your unique tone, visual style, and personality let your world know who you are, what you value, and what you think about yourself. Your appearance, behavior, and communication are continuously evaluated by everyone with whom you have contact.

How do you want to be perceived, experienced, and remembered?

At Jan Mercer Dahms & Co., we help you stand out from the pack. Our image and personal branding consulting services tap into what inspires you to create a style personality that can be integrated into all elements of your life.

We are in the middle of seismic shifts in our socio-economic environment.  Advances in technology and global communications have changed how we think about “real time.” Our economic markets now demand heightened transparency and accountability. There are increasing pressures for companies and people to stay relevant and competitive in today’s marketplace. Our image consulting and personal branding services will help you look current and fresh. We will help you build your competitive edge.

Our services are highly customized according to the unique needs of our clients. We work with you to enhance your reputation, build credibility, or change perceptions others have about you. We help you manage and embrace change, attract others, and enhance your visibility.

Our menu of services encompasses appearance, behavior, and communication and includes:

  • Wardrobe and personal shopping
  • Personality and style assessments
  • Verbal, vocal, and visual body language coaching
  • Lifestyle management
  • Social etiquette and net-iquette
  • Executive presentation coaching
  • Corporate image consulting: dress codes and generational trends

We invite you to take the first step in discovering Brand You!  Please visit our contact page to schedule a complimentary, introductory telephone conversation.

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