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Brand Experience Management

We believe that brands operate optimally when consumer and employee relations are fully integrated with marketing, communications, sales, and strategic planning. Exceptional consumer relations encompasses much more than fixing problems on the back end…it’s about building great end-user experiences from the bottom-up.

At Jan Mercer Dahms & Co., we help you create a unified voice so that at any touch point, your customers and employees know who you are, what you believe, and what you want to achieve.  Based in New York City with a national scope, our integrated employee and customer experience management solutions help companies build great brand experiences.

Your brand has values, a mission, and a purpose.  It has relationships with others…your current and future customers, your employees, and your community.  We treat brands like living, breathing organisms, complete with feelings, aspirations, and intent.  And we are particularly focused with how your brand relates to your public and to you.  We help you understand if your customers and employees recognize your brand the way you want the brand to be recognized.

We evaluate your brand at each touch point to determine if the brand’s unique tone, style, and personality are accurately and consistently promoted and reinforced. Through our customized, lived experiences review packages, we examine the tangible and intangible places where your current clients, potential customers, and employees interact with the brand and your company.

Using a holistic, sensory methodology, we go to the exact physical, relational, and emotional places where your goods or services are purchased and consumed. We go to the point where your company has direct and immediate contact with your consumers and staff. We review point of entry, decision-making processes, purchasing decisions, and post-experience satisfaction.

Our goal is to provide you with a heightened understanding of how your most treasured assets – your consumers and your employees – perceive and experience your brand. We address the critical areas that can make or break a brand: trust, distinction, purchase motivation, loyalty, competition, and emotional connectivity.

While each engagement is highly customizable, our consulting engagements are generally focused in the following areas:

  • Brand Review-You! Completed by the client, this assessment explores the company’s connection and relationship to the brand.
  • Brand Review-Your Team Explores how your employees relate to, feel connected with, and are committed to your mission, values, and aspirations.
  • Brand Review-The Base and Face An in-depth review of your brand identity, image, and execution. We assess what promises your brand makes and how its character is conveyed. This assessment includes review of tangible materials such as marketing and advertising materials, website content, and employee handbooks. We are also particularly interested in the intangible brand marks, such as how your mission, vision, values, and culture define your brand identity.
  • Lived Experience Review A highly interactive process, the team at Jan Mercer Dahms & Co goes to the front line to become your customer. We learn how customers approach your business and how buying decisions and purchases are made. Using our holistic, sensory methodology, we “secret shop” your business and record what we think and feel as we experience your service, paying particular attention to physical, emotional, and product barriers.
  • Perception and Experience-Next Steps We compile the data and information from the brand and lived experience reviews and present you with our findings. We celebrate with you the areas that work well. And we brainstorm with you to address opportunities for growth. We assist you in prioritizing action items using a risk management register and create integrative and collaborative methods for enhancing connections and impressions among your brand, your consumers, and your team.

Our mission is to provide you the tools to interact with your consumers and team members on a deeper level, to establish trust and emotional attachments to your brand. If your brand lives up to the promises it makes at every point of contact, your business has the potential to operate more efficiently, attract fabulous employees, increase customer loyalty and subsequently, increase revenues.

We invite you to take the first step in building a better brand.  Please visit our contact page to schedule a complimentary, introductory telephone conversation.

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