This is my story.

I am widely passionate about exceptional customer service and artistic self-expression.

I never wanted to fit in. I wanted to stand out, be seen, and be known. My strong streak of independence and curiosity enabled me to explore and experience the world through many unique lenses. Always visual…I have a laser sharp attention to detail. My ability to see and hear and feel things that others don’t is what makes me me….and is what I have to offer to you.

Although free-spirited in thought, I was grounded in linear sensibilities as my family owned a small chain of clothing boutiques in the Midwest. Even as a child, I felt more comfortable playing the role as a little business person. My favorite activity on a school snow day was to go to work with my parents, following my mom and dad around as they assisted clientele, checked inventory, and counted money. Unpacking new shipments of clothes was one of my favorite activites….an experience not totally unlike the joy of unwrapping holiday presents.

As a teen, I worked at the flagship store. You name it, I did it. Visual merchandising, community fashion shows, buying trips with my parents, inventory, and sales. I was responsible for all visual merchandising and loved window displays. This was my thin slice of time to influence positive impressions. Sure, my goal was to get them to come into the store and buy. But it was about so much more. I created stories and worlds…injecting life, emotions, and possibilities…not otherwise available in small Midwestern towns.

That was back in the day when “the customer was always right.” All the stores were situated in towns of less than 10,000 people, which meant that the repeat sale was of utmost importance. Our business model wasn’t centered around the transaction…it was about the experience we created for the client. We knew our customers by name, what they did for a living and how they spent their free time. Our customers were a part of our family and our community. We knew their shopping and style preferences. And we knew that exceptional customer service was far more than “Can I help you.”

That was a few years ago. I grew up, got a MBA in international business, and joined the C-Suite.  In addition to founding Jan Mercer Dahms & Co., I’m the CFO of an international healthcare organization.  I love wearing multiple hats as it keeps the creative juices flowing freely. My career has spanned fashion, cosmetics, dermatological pharma, media, and education.  I carried the entrepreneurial spirit with me to the finance sector, where I’ve served in executive level finance positions for the last 15 years, helping companies create business and operational infrastructures from the bottom up.  Chances are pretty good that I’ve lived in worlds where you come from, which means that I get corporate culture and all of the challenges and joys that accompany those environments.

To me, image is an art form. Image is what sets you apart and makes you special. Image and your brand reflect how you navigate the world and how you embrace change. Image indicates your beliefs, goals, and aspirations. It’s who you are and who you want to be.

This is my story. Shall we create yours?