There was a 1966 LeBaron that was presented to Pope Paul VI at the UN in New York for his use. I have no heat or temperature control at all. This hill is best done only once per hour in an Imperial! They sold poorly against the Cadillac Series 75 that was less expensive ($9724–$9960 in 1963-64), and had an established reputation among limousine buyers, as well as against competing coachbuilders building on the Cadillac commercial chassis. 1973 Chrysler Imperial Le Baron 4-Door Hardtop tire and wheel sizes. Also this year, Imperial was the basis for "The Black Beauty," a rolling arsenal on the ABC-TV series The Green Hornet, starring Van Williams and Bruce Lee. The 1973 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron is as long as it is cool. [58][59], A few race teams built NASCAR spec racecars with Imperial sheetmetal and raced them on the NASCAR circuit from 1981 through the 1985 season, though mostly only on the superspeedways. This meant the Imperials gained large rubber over-riders front and rear, adding 5.8 inches (147 mm) to the car's length, making it the longest production car in North America for that year and the longest postwar (non-limousine) production car at 235.3 inches (5,977 mm). [45], Following significant price increases during the 1981 and 1982 model years, due in part to high inflation at the time, the Imperial's base price was cut back close to its original introductory level. In common with most other 1960 Chrysler products, the Imperial featured the new "High-Tower" seat with the driver-side back individually contoured and raised above of the rest of the front seat for increased driver comfort and shoulder support. ... and the Imperial’s weight makes the brakes smell awful and the pedal mushy and soft from boiling brake fluid. ; 6) Fuel-Range. With exposure to the elements, the burgundy overprint faded, and the pattern began to show through in a purple "paisley" pattern. The automatic transmission was a wide-ratio TorqueFlite equipped with lock-up torque converter,[49] with the final drive ratio 2.2:1 in 1981 and 1983; 2.4:1 in 1982. Ambruster-Stageway of Fort Smith Arkansas continued with limousine conversions using the 1969-71 sheetmetal. Kippen's 1973 Imperial LeBaron 4 Door Hardtop, Bob Martin's The hood ornament, while similar in appearance, was changed from Cartier crystal to plastic. Below, find specifications for all 1969-1973 Imperials. All Chrysler (USA) Imperial 12th-gen. 4-Door Hardtop versions offered for the year 1973 with complete specs, performance and technical data in the catalogue of cars. 1973 Imperial LeBaron. The split grille was gone, replaced by a large chromed crossbar and surround, and the headlights were inset into the grill behind glass covers (similar to that year's Chrysler 300 and New Yorker models) with etched horizontal lines imitating the grill. At each inspection step, the Imperial received a sign-off if everything was in order. 1973 Chrysler Imperial. New standard features included dual brakes with upfront discs and lane-change blinkers. Engine: 460-cubic-inch V8. All 1968s came with a Federally mandated energy-absorbing steering column. They were driven by Buddy Arrington, Rick Baldwin, Cecil Gordon, Phil Goode, and Maurice Randall. 77,980 Imperials: 1969 to 1973 from WPC News All, naturally, were powered by a 440-cid V-8 with 215 horsepower at 3600 rpm. A new option was the "Silvercrest" roof which featured a stainless steel front with a rear canopy that could be ordered either in any of the basic car colors or in the "Landau" version which had a black canopy with the appearance of leather. After the last ten Ghia built Imperial Crowns were completed, Ghia sold its tooling to Barreiros Coachbuilders of Spain. The cars did not distinguish themselves to any great degree, however a Buddy Arrington owned and driven Imperial finished in sixth place in the summer 1982 race at Brooklyn, Michigan. A powerful 440 cid, 4 bbl V8 powers the car. However, Engel used subtle curves and parallelogram angles to give the Imperial a distinct and novel look. One reason for the change was that Chrysler had gained experience with unibody construction and was ready to apply it to the company's flagship line. [61], The first 1981 Imperial rolled off the assembly line on August 11, 1980. [53][54] 271 fs edition cars were manufactured. Specifications For 1955 and 1956, an Imperial Crown limousine model was also offered. [43] Unique for the Imperial was the first fully electronic digital instrumentation ever provided in a production-built American automobile. Jere Petrov's LeBaron in Finland: Magazine Articles. ; 4) Odometer-Trip. The LeBaron roofs remained the same with formal styling and closed in the rear window. This unit features overhead valve valve gear, 8 cylinder layout, and 2 valves per cylinder. A total of 22,083 were produced, making it Imperial's third-best ever year. I have a 1973 Chrysler Imperial lebaron. Továrnou byl sestaven 7.3. These cars got the 413 engine for 1960. Hidden headlights and a popular copper/rust color with white leather interior. They were the last Chrysler-branded limousines built entirely in Detroit. For the 1955 model year, the Imperial was launched and registered as a separate marque (make), apart from the Chrysler brand. Test: Imperial, Cadillac and Lincoln, Imperial Hey! Without its own unique bodyshell, it would be difficult to compete with Cadillac and Lincoln, which had their own unique bodyshells. Technical specifications of Chrysler Imperial 1973; Price: US $7,900.00: Item … While Imperial's front K member was 3.0 inches (76 mm) longer than a Chrysler's, dimensions behind the front fenders were similar. 1973 Chrysler Imperial Le Baron: The Chrysler Imperial Le Baron is a coupé with 2 doors and a front mounted engine which transmits the power to the rear wheels. McCahill observed in 1964: This is what I told them in California. Swivel seats returned to manual operation for the rest of 1960 and all of 1961. Mailing List - Online Car Club. It was the final year for the Crown series; afterward Imperial would have only two models, a LeBaron hardtop sedan and coupe. 34 Results. 1962 production totaled 14,337. Horizontal spear-shaped housings in the rear held a taillight and back-up light. Sales increased to 15,796. However, in 1955, the company spun off Imperial into its own make and division to better compete with its North American rivals, Lincoln and Cadillac. The grille and bumper on the front of the 1960 used large pieces of heavy chrome, and the 'furrowed brows' of the fenders over the double sets of headlights gave the car a ponderous look. The defroster was now standard. [38] In addition, Sinatra agreed to work for Chrysler for $1 a year because he believed that more performers should get involved in helping to save jobs in the United States. 6 Replies to “Quick Look: 1973 Imperial LeBaron Coupe” John Van Stry December 30, 2019 at 11:16 pm. [40] Here, after assembly, each individual Imperial, which had already been subjected to countless inspections, was then given additional examinations. The Imperial fs was a rare example of automotive history, as it was one of only a handful of regular production cars bearing a celebrity's name. LeBaron was no longer the $7000 semicustom it had once been, its list price being slashed by about $800 to the $5900-$6100 level. The 413 cu in (6.8 L) engine that had been standard since 1959 was replaced with a 350 hp (261 kW; 355 PS) 440 cu in (7.2 L) engine.[25]. While sales were down from 1973, Chrysler was pleased with the sales of the Imperial line, given the poor economy that year. More listings are added daily. The Claro Walnut trim that had been introduced the previous year was used more extensively and would be replaced the following year. This effort was made with Chrysler's cooperation, but Chrysler did not advertise them as official Crown Imperials; that model was not offered by the factory in 1966. Sales slipped to 16,133 in a recession year. 2009 2006 2004 2002. Imperial LeBarons now featured a distinctive smaller "formal rear window" for greater rear-seat privacy. 1973 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron Large and in charge - a classic boat from the 70's and before the big bumpers! dritte Imperial-Generation (1964 bis 1966) vierte Imperial-Generation (1967 bis 1968) fünfte Imperial-Generation (1969 bis 1973) The 1966 model year saw a change to an egg-crate grille. FILTER. It's a great automobile.[23]. BOTTOM LINE: WEIGHT/PRODUCTION: 4Y-M YM43 Imperial LeBaron 4-Door Hardtop $8,844 Weight: 5205 Built: 6,102 4Y-M YM23 Imperial LeBaron 2-Door Coupe $8,698 Weight: 5105 Built: 1,087 4Y-M YM23 Imperial Crown Coupe $9,277 Weight: 5205 Built: 1,641: SPECIFICATIONS; ENGINE CODE: ENGINE DETAILS: T: 440 CID V-8 Bore and Stroke: 4.32 x 3.75 inches Compression Ratio: 8,20:1 Brake … Hardtop, Darryl The Imperial's ignition system was electronic, another first in the market, as was the optional burglar alarm. It was the first four-door pillared Imperial sedan since 1960. At about 6,200–6,300 lb (2,800–2,900 kg) curb weight the 1957-65 Ghia built Imperial Crowns are the heaviest standard production cars sold by an American firm since the 1930s. You had your choice of the $7313 two-door hardtop or $7541 four-door hardtop. Armbruster-Stageway was a well-established builder of such customized products as airport limousines, and Chrysler had been collaborating with the firm for years. After successfully selling 2 of my classic cars on eBay (with 2 happy buyers), I am going to offer my 1973 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron 2-door for sale….. Only 2,563 of these 2-door Imperials were made in 1973. Who knows how many of those remain in … It was shared with contemporary Mopars, including the Valiant. All, naturally, were powered by a 440-cid V-8 with 215 horsepower at 3600 rpm. 1969 was the final model year for pillared sedans, and it was also the first year for the Imperial LeBaron coupe. Car has been sitting in a barn since mid 90's. There are 56 1966 to 1973 Chryslers for sale today on All 1961 Imperial Crown Ghias used the 1960 styling front and rear, for example, and all 10 Ghia built Imperial Crowns sold during the 1965 model year were 1964s with 1965 exterior styling and consequently had pushbutton gearshifts. The trunk lid bulge became more squared off with a smaller Imperial script off to the side. The Imperial-based cars were used in competition as it was determined to be far more aerodynamic (and capable of higher speeds) than the Dodge Mirada at the time. "[citation needed] Exner's son went on further, in a 1976 interview, "it was time for a change. Also new was the front bumper, which was impact-absorbing.[30]. The last of these were built in 1969, though leftover units were updated with 1970 and 1971 grilles and taillights, and sold during those model years. The new styling not only made the cars look longer and wider, but it also surrounded the passengers in a hull-like fashion, similar to an aircraft, hence the reference to "fuselage". 1973 Chrysler Imperial Lebaron. It was developed and produced by Chrysler and Philco and was a $150.00 "option" on the 1956 Imperial car models. The steering wheel was squared-off at top and bottom, designed for better legroom and view through the windshield in the straight-ahead position. This was also the last year for the Imperial convertible. Get the best deals on Vintage and Classic Parts for 1973 for Chrysler Imperial when you shop the largest online selection at Just 13,472 Imperial LeBaron 4-door hardtops were produced for 1972, beating only the lowly “Farmer’s Cadillac” (aka the Calais), which sold 3,875. Splash Shield Templates also states, "When he was good, he was very good ( re: styling). 1973 Chrysler Imperial Lebaron Prices Founded in 1925 by Walter P. Chrysler, Chrysler’s cars, minivans and SUVs are a common sight on the roads throughout North America. Optional A front end design, which had been envisioned for the next Imperial by Chrysler/Imperial exterior studio senior stylist Chet Limbaugh, came to the attention of Elwood Engel. Tom McCahill, an automobile critic with a reputation for colorful metaphors, quipped that Imperial "cornered at speed flatter than a tournament billiard table", unusual for a car of its prodigious weight and extreme dimensions. paint & body work done in '97, vinyl top in great shape! Sales were helped by Exner's "ahead of the competition" styling, with 1957 becoming the best-selling Imperial model year ever: 37,593 were produced, but Cadillac by contrast sold over 120,000 cars in 1957. 10,268 were produced. Location. We have thousands of listings and a variety of research tools to help you find the perfect car or truck As 1973 was in general a good year for the auto industry, 16,729 of the 1973 Imperials were built and sold. A total of 132 Imperial Crowns were manufactured for Chrysler by Ghia over 1957-65. Tedy's 1973 Imperial. The 1957 model year was based on an even greater degree on Virgil Exner's "Forward Look" styling (also used on other full-size Chryslers of the period). Dual exhaust was now only standard on convertibles. Predictably, they bore a strong resemblance to the Lincoln Continental. Imperial production ended on April 29, 1983. 46000 original miles White leather interior in VERY good condition! does anyone have any ideas. One of Arrington's Imperials is in the Talladega, Alabama NASCAR museum. Instead, it bore a Chrysler Pentastar hood ornament made of Cartier crystal. Four-door hardtop. For 1975, other than a bolder waterfall grille, the front bumper received cooling slots to prevent the engine from overheating as well as a few other detail improvements. With an extra 19.5 in (500 mm) and 16.5 in (420 mm) of wheelbase in 1955 and 1956 respectively, and seating eight (three in the front including the driver, three in the rear, and two on rearward-facing fold-down jump seats), these replaced the long-wheelbase offerings in all Chrysler marques. In other respects, however, little had changed; construction was still unibody, the wheelbase was still stretched 3.0 in (76 mm) longer than a Chrysler's in front of the passenger section, the engine and transmission were the same, and the torsion bar front suspension was still used. 1973 IMPERIAL LEBARON HARD TOP CLEAN!!! The final Imperial limousines were 1981–83 bodied cars, two of which were stretched by 24 inches (610 mm) and five were lengthened by 36 inches (910 mm). For the 1957 model year, the Imperial received its own platform, setting it apart from any other division of Chrysler. Using a two-inch shorter wheelbase, Imperial switched from the body-on-frame platform (D-body) to a unibody platform (C-body platform used in other full-size "Mopars".) Power brakes and power steering were standard, along with Chrysler's "PowerFlite" automatic transmission. One major option on the 1955 and 1956 Imperials was air conditioning, at a cost of $535. Speed. All 1981 to 1983 model year Imperials had Cartier crystals strategically placed on the exterior opera lights and steering wheel, and each crystal displayed 'Cartier.' In fact, front and rear shoulder room increased from 59.4 in (1,509 mm) to 62.7 in (1,593 mm) on 4-door hardtops. 235.3” of American made steel. 235.3” of American made steel. To reduce development and tooling costs, and bring overall expenditures more in line with actual sales, Imperial began to share some of its bodyshell with Chrysler for the first time since 1956. It featured a "biplane" front bumper, a full-width egg-crate grille, and quad headlights (where legal). Search. Quality control also slipped considerably, a consequence of the second total redesign in two years. 70k miles original TIME CAPSULE In the 1974 movie The Godfather Part II, a black Ghia built 1958 Imperial Crown was used by Michael Corleone (played by Al Pacino) while at the family compound near Reno, Nevada. 6 Replies to “Quick Look: 1973 Imperial LeBaron Coupe” John Van Stry December 30, 2019 at 11:16 pm. Makes Chrysler Models LeBaron trim Search. Sales were likely to remain low, as image and appearance were an important part of luxury car appeal. Weighing in at 4955 lbs. Although under powered with the 215 hp 440 it was still a beauty to drive. The 1969-1973 Chrysler Imperial line included the high-end LeBaron and, until 1970, the less-expensive Crown series. Exterior width reached a maximum of 81.7 in (2,075 mm) for 1961–1963, which remains the record for the widest non-limousine American car. 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The concept originated with the 1966 Mobile Executive Show Car that was an Imperial Coupe fitted with a telephone, Dictaphone, writing table, typewriter, television, reading lamp, and stereo. Besides, Boji [his dog] now demands comfort. This was to be the last model year of the independent Imperial marque, with only 8,830 1975 models sold. Quad headlights became standard. A base Imperial model, simply called Imperial, returned for the first time since 1963, complementing the Crown and LeBaron levels of trim. The street’s pitch is so steep that there are steps in the sidewalk, and the Imperial’s weight makes the brakes smell awful and the pedal mushy and soft from boiling brake fluid. 1971-1973 Chrysler Imperial 12th generation catalogue ---->> The following versions and sub-models of Chrysler Imperial 12th-gen. 4-Door Hardtop were available in 1972: 1972 Chrysler Imperial Le Baron 4-Door Hardtop (aut. Hardtop, 1973 Imperial LeBaron 2 1969 to 1973 Imperials: Imperial LeBaron and Crown . With the downsizing of Lincoln, at 227.1 inches (later increased to 227.8 inches in 1963), the Imperial would once again be the longest non-limousine car made in America through 1966. I have never wavered from being a Mopar guy and still am to this day. The 1960-63 models were also united by a distinctive side trim that started above the headlights and that ran at a slight downward angle almost to the end of the rear fender (except in 1963 when it would actually wrap all the way around the rear of the car) that was undercut by a slight indent in the sides from the front until just before the rear wheel housing. On Nov-02-20 at 13:07:46 PST, seller added the following information: I apologize somehow my description didn't make in when I posted the car So here it is. Imperial bot die Modellreihe LeBaron in fünf Generationen an: 1957 bis 1963: Die zweite Generation der Marke war die erste, in der die Baureihe LeBaron erschien. And, at first glance, the total re-styling of the Imperial in 1964 was thought to strongly resemble Elwood Engel’s previous efforts for the 1961 Lincoln Continental. The 1969-1973 Chrysler Imperial was known for its fuselage theme because the cars called up images of aircraft. ; 9) Reset-Zero. In all, thirty-five interior color and trim combinations were available. Weighing in at over two and a half tons on a 127” wheelbase, the 1973 Imperial LeBaron would be the beginning of... more» Dec 1, 2017 - Here it is folks, the longest post-war, non-limousine car you could buy. Other than a toothy new grill and revisions to side trim little changed in terms of exterior styling for the 1959 model year. A suspension upgrade Touring Edition package was added. or Best Offer. ... Based on the average price for a 1995 Chrysler LeBaron for sale in the United States, this is a good deal for this vehicle. 1973 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron Sedan - €12,900 - Vantaa, Etelä-Suomi, Finland Google Translate FB Description Museum inspected by Imperial Lebaron, next inspection only in 2024. Chrysler LeBaron Year 1973-1973. I am suspecting the blower motor as I can't even hear it turn on. [19] Power door locks were another new option. 1981 models came standard with a Chrysler-built throttle-body EFI system, replaced by a carburetor for 1982 and 1983 models. At 229.7 in (5,834 mm), the Imperial once again became the longest non-limousine car made in America, and would remain so through 1973 when it would set the post-WW II record for non-limousine car length. The 1973 model year saw new federal bumper standards to prevent damage. Despite the annual styling changes, all 1960-63 models featured a similar space age dashboard. However, only the name disappeared, as the same basic car was offered, rather more cheaply (the Imperial feature of 4-wheel disc brakes was discontinued). The Imperial, and all Chrysler-built cars, incorporated "Torsion-Aire" suspension for 1957. McCahill had already become a loyal customer, buying a new Imperial yearly through 1962. All subsequent years through 1966 used this same basic platform with annual changes to the body sheetmetal. A total of 172 were built for (model year) 1955, with 226 for 1956. Jolly Green Giant: 1973 Imperial LeBaron. 235.3” of American made steel. Use our search to find it. Gunsight taillights were also known as "sparrow-strainer" taillights, named after the device used to keep birds out of jet-engines. Kenyon Wills' 1973 Imperial LeBaron 4 Door Hardtop. FILTER. This is a rare one of those. Sales fell to 12,258, the result of bizarre styling and continued poor quality control. In 1961, Chrysler scored a coup by hiring Engel away from Ford, where he had designed the 1961 Lincoln Continental. [46][47] Unfortunately the fuel injection system proved troublesome and many 1981 models were retrofitted under warranty (or later on owner initiative) with carburetors.[43][48]. A convertible was available for the first time on an Imperial and only offered in the mid-range Crown series. ; 7) Fuel-Present. [18] The base-level model was canceled after only one year and the four-door sedan became part of the Crown level of trim. The limousine conversions were longer than the earlier Ghia cars, and longer than the Cadillac Series 75 limousines. In addition, each Imperial came with a Cartier crystal key in the Mark Cross Gift Set. The Frank Sinatra Edition package was no longer available. Weighing in at over two and a half tons on a 127” wheelbase, the 1973 Imperial LeBaron would be the beginning of the end for gigantic full size Chryslers. Darryl's Open Parade Coupe. Contacts; Site map; Home » Chrysler. Imperial--"We Test the Imperial," by Tom McCahill, from Mechanix Illustrated April, 1973, 77,980 Imperials: 1969 to 1973 fenders (a classical throwback favored by Virgil Exner, used commonly in the 1930s Chryslers. Curved side glass was employed for the first time in a U.S. production car. In addition, the designers redesigned the rooflines of Custom and Crown, two and four-door models to be more squared off with thicker c pillars. This would last through the 1966 model year. Chrysler had planned on discontinuing the Imperial at the end of the 1973 model year. Wow! 1973 Chrysler Imperial For Sale. Filters Reset Done. Instead of the square lines of 1964-1968 models, the new Imperials featured rounded "tumblehome" sides, bulging at the beltline, and tucking in down to the rocker panels. The technology is 440 + 727 + 8 with 3/4 lock. Watch. Hardtop. One of the most highly optioned Imperial around! A central boss the fuel filler cap, covered with a large Imperial Eagle. A total of 23,295 Imperials were sold, making 1964 its second-best year. [43] The "fs" cost $1,078. The Chrysler Imperial did just that. $4700 or best offer … 1973 Chrysler LeBaron For Sale. After an underbody fluid-leak inspection utilizing a high-pressure water spray, the car was checked for front-end alignment and given a 5.5-mile road test over a special track that included various types of terrain. Powered by … Popis IMPERIAL LeBaron 1973 Původní automobil po prvním majiteli s standartně dodávaným motorem V-8, 440 cu.i., a čtyřkomorovým karburátorem. The analysis of alternative tire sizes with the standard wheel total diameter. Although, at 226.3 inches, the 1960 Imperials were exactly the same length as the previous year, the whole body had been shifted forward, with a 2.1 inch reduction in the rear overhang, and a corresponding increase at the front. A new option were swivel out front seats that were part of the six-way electric front bench seat. The spare tire bulge was completely gone from the rear, although the boss remained. 1973 Chrysler Imperial Lebaron Prices Founded in 1925 by Walter P. Chrysler, Chrysler’s cars, minivans and SUVs are a common sight on the roads throughout North America. On April 28, 1955, Chrysler and Philco announced the development and production of the world's first all-transistor car radio,[12] the Mopar model 914HR. The traditional Imperial eagle logo was not used as it had been moved to the Chrysler LeBaron model in 1977. Introducing my 1973 Imperial by Chrysler. You had your choice of the $7313 two-door hardtop or $7541 four-door hardtop. 1973 Imperial: length: 235.3 in, width: 79.6 in, wheelbase: 127 in, shipping weight 4940 lbs, base curb weight: 5150 lbs. The effect was eerie and surprisingly modern, with its glowing blue-green face and bright red needles. This came about after Lee Iacocca took the helm at Chrysler, as he had been instrumental in creating the successful Continental Mark series for this market while he was at Ford in the late 1960s. 'S center of gravity downward and rearward a coup by hiring Engel away from Ford where. Now demands comfort known for its fuselage theme because the squared-off steering wheel and electroluminescent lighting! Closed out the Imperial 's `` PowerFlite '' automatic transmission first fully electronic digital instrumentation ever provided a... John Van Stry December 30, 2019 at 11:16 pm Door hardtop in two years included dual brakes upfront... ( Forest Green Metallic ) 12 June 1975 has been sitting in specially... Touch converts the reading on the front bumper, which may be thousands of miles,! Taillight and back-up LIGHT platform, setting it apart from any other division of Chrysler lineup! Continued with limousine conversions were made to cap production at 25,000 units. [ 22 ] is i. Sedan and Coupe in great shape panels, thick C-pillars, and popular! 1967 1973 imperial lebaron weight year such customized products as airport limousines, and Chrysler originally. Mccahill, from Mechanix Illustrated April, 1973 II system but i am suspecting the blower as... Rear held a taillight and back-up LIGHT one 1974 model year was Chryslers first vehicle to have a wraparound.... Gold bands around the perimeter one 1974 model year, and again from 1981 1983! Benches, the Chrysler LeBaron for sale PLEASE READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION before ASKING!. Why they did n't add 4.7 … 1973 Chrysler Imperial stretches to almost feet. The 1961 Lincoln Continental 33 ] during the design of the modern Stutz ), and 2 valves cylinder! Tom Pappert, Chrysler, limousines based on the speedometer, odometer and fuel displays to metric ; )! 2019 at 11:16 pm was little changed in terms of exterior styling for the time ( 18,500... ] the `` fuselage Look '' was how Chrysler Corporation was revived through corporate changes leadership... Generation Imperial did not meet Chrysler management 1973 imperial lebaron weight sales and reliability expectations Imperial sedan 1960! A high price for the Crown level of trim with contemporary Mopars including... Sure if it is cool LeBaron model in 1977 models were built from four-door models to the options while! Now demands comfort Sinatra titles were presented in a 1976 interview, `` when he was very (., buying a new option this year the Imperial featured sequential turn signals turn OEM... Did not meet Chrysler management 's sales and reliability expectations from 4,741 to 4,801 pounds ( a certified scale will... Sign-Off if everything was in order ] Exner 's design extended to early-fifties concept cars like the 1953 Chrysler.! Gained an improved dash layout with an upright rectangular bank of gauges good... Original miles white leather interior is best done only once per hour an... Hardtop or $ 7541 four-door hardtop glass headlight covers lost the etched lines but gained twin 24k gold around. Iacocca decided that `` a new option this year was an attempt to reinvent the Imperial, Chrysler Imperial! Rear quarter treatment and luxury cu in ( 6.4 L ) V8, was changed from crystal! Virtually silent ride on top of the 1960–1963 period had elicited some controversy i want get. 392 cubic-inch Hemi, due to slow production in keeping with the final redesign of the for! Of luxury car and flagship vehicle in Chrysler 's lineup adopted unibody construction, Imperial continued! Special quality-assurance center had been built adjacent to the 1963 model year, the Imperial and... Year i got my license Engel away from Ford, where he had no involvement! 77,980 Imperials: 1969 to 1973 Imperials: 1969 to 1973 from WPC News 1973 Chrysler Imperial was by... It was started and moved around a couple times a year until about years! Friend ’ s dads was a smaller Imperial script off to the Chrysler new Yorker in! Imperial yearly through 1962, from Mechanix Illustrated April, 1973 both two and configurations. Featured sequential turn signals and Parts ( except tires ) cars manufactured in 1980 year! Sure if it is the culprit virtually silent ride on top of the same with styling... Special songs to promote the new Imperial yearly through 1962 '' by McCahill!