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Things I found myself saying in sessions this week: These interactions offer a snapshot of therapy with heartbroken, devastated, and disillusioned single parents following divorce from a narcissist. He has sued me for custody twice (we currently share 50/50), has me followed by PIs, and makes me mistrust my own friends (who is says his telling him things about me). You should be able to get this information in a 1-1.5hour consultation, which many attorneys offer for a reduced fee. Surviving divorce is hard enough, but if you’re co-parenting with a narcissist, you know a whole other level of tension and conflict. It cannot happen. Now I'm supposed to fill the hours of my day reporting to him like I'm his personal secretary. It is exhausting but worth it if my kids grow up healthy and happy and compassionate. I'm not a legal expert, however I don't think it's necessary to hire an attorney if it is over something as simple as calling his father and vice versa. He wants you to appear as angry and irrational as he is. Linda Esposito, LCSW, is a psychotherapist helping adults and teens overcome stress and anxiety. They felt caught in the middle. But he still gave them his utmost understanding...although he doesnt visit them anymore because they are like cylcones. Such asking a child who would they rather spend more time with... that is asking them to decide who are they going to hurt more. The work is hard and intense, and insight and pain relief are often long in coming. -His discussions with the kids centered around "What is mom doing, I want to make sure you feel safe when you are with mom." Parenting is hard work. I'm not a professional but from my experience this sounds like empty threats used to intimidate you into being under his control. Dr. Tara J. Palmatier, PsyD helps individuals with relationship and codependency issues via telephone or Skype. I thought the same when I read her comment. Here's why this is a good thing. Co-parenting With A Narcissist: Fake It Til You Make It After a 3 and ½ year custody battle my ex-spouse who has severe Narcissistic Personality Disorder was forced to settle on a shared parenting plan for our 6 year old daughter. The lawyer will be more then happy to take his money to put this in. I just read your article. Counseling, Consulting and Coaching with Dr. Tara J. Palmatier, PsyD. Hey it sounds like you have distance from the mom and the kids. That is his number one goal! But when do babies become toddlers, really? Or keep a digital log of things you feel are important. A true narcissistic person creates issues for the child. Years could pass, but a narcissist can be unrelenting. I’ve been there.”, Click here for "Forget Co-Parenting With A Narcissist, Round 2. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. I simply answer what needs to be answered (grades, health, basic questions about the kids) and ignore the rest. They will counter parent. Even better, perhaps with enough distancing, you and your ex might be able to eventually build better communication and cooperation. Anything that doesn’t feel right or isn’t being executed as you’ve agreed should be recorded if you want to take action on it. Reading some of these comments I'm thinking we should have been more specific, because I can imagine trouble might arise over what we each consider reasonable. Emails cannot show emotions as well as talking on the phone. That doesn't necessarily mean that you need to remind Son to call Dad. I really like the idea of, if the kid is older and has their own phone, leaving it between them and the other parent. Co-parenting is hard work by itself; it can be daunting most of the times. I'm new to the forum and can't agree with you enough on the whole "no contact" unless it's an emergency rule.When you are dealing with a toxic individual(s) that is your best bet.I agree with everything you stated.This is currently what I'm dealing with in my life right now and it is an absolute nightmare! Nobody deserves to grow up with a selfish, self-absorbed adult, but there are worse plights. If you go into different parenting situations expecting some kickback, you may be less shocked or stressed when issues arise. Ex now saying that he's initiating legal action to enforce the decree that states son will have phone access to the other parent. It might still go in front of a judge, but if you've not argued with Dad and just recommended a good time for Dad to reach Son, then it will be that much harder for the judge to believe that you're secretly trying to block communication with Dad. It was very bizzar!!!! Your a man hater and don't want dads around kids. It has forced me to slay my ego, blow up … Who's the Narcessist, Sociopath or Psychopath? If your ex has become either emotionally or physically abusive, the time to act is now. Been trying to co-parent for 6 years with a narcissist. CO-PARENTING WITH A NARCISSIST is often said to be impossible. -He refused to hang up when I told the kids they have to go so that they could eat dinner, do their homework, take a shower, etc. Dad hardly ever sees either one of them, and hasn't for a number of years. I would advise anyone reading that to think carefully about the best interest of their children and read a little more broadly before accepting it as good advice. 6. Typically they start a whole new life, leaving behind there children and any “old” responsibilities. My ex beat me, kicked my while I was pregnant and tried to kill me so I am certain he has a mental condition. Do you have additional links to the training material? God, I know the feeling of being married to a man whos ex and children are all like this.. Perhaps there is more to the story (or perhaps not). Someone told me today they think she is a narcissist as well as bi-polar. It was not happening before the split. A separate parenting style that has been applied when a parent is a narcissist is known as parallel parenting. Being a narc, their mother brainwashed them to hate him telling that he is the worst father who is useless, worthless and continued ill talking about him in their town. Do You Often Feel Disappointed in Your Relationship? Do not feel compelled to expose the other parent’s abuses…. If your ex is calling in a consistency that is obviously harassing and you do go to court than you can show why calls should be limited to once or twice a week and shouldn't be allowed every day. There is very little research about narcissistic parenting, narcissistic family dynamics, or the effects that this disorder has on children. Let's start with: who's responsible for the communication between father and son? He was a cop so he "knew all the laws" and used his lawyer to force me and son to have contact with him. Co-Parenting With A Narcissist Caedy Sullivan 2020-12-09T18:13:27+00:00. 9. This was after 3 ½ years of parental alienation tactics with … Odds are he is just blowing smoke. Instead, I would allow the children as much contact as they like with the other parent, as long as it doesn't interfere with your family time, chores or homework. When co-parenting with a borderline or narcissist, winning doesn’t mean getting Crazy to finally see the light and stop being Crazy. Tips for Co Parenting with a Narcissist. How to Help your Children when their other Parent is a Narcissist | Psych Central. This article doesn't apply if both parents can interact in a healthy manner. Sharing Custody with a Narcissist If you are co-parenting with someone who exhibits many of these personality characteristics, whether they are clinically a narcissist, it can be especially tricky. Do not criticize your ex in front of your child. -We couldn't go anywhere or do anything on weeknights or on weekends because if we missed the call, he would unleash a torrent of abuse on me and guilt on the kids. You're saying limit the calls but my parenting plan requires me too a lot AXIS telephonically to the children. Best of luck with sticking to boundaries for your sake, and most importantly, for the emotional well-being of your kid(s). So it's actually in the court order. But co-parenting with a narcissist is an extraordinary situation. It is a waste of court time. The calls have become less and less frequent. He frequently sends me an e-mail stating that he called at x date/time and he is documenting that I have refused to allow him to communicate with his kids. It is not easy but unless damage is being done to the child, a relationship should be encouraged. A new theory aims to make sense of it all. Did your husband cheat with you while married to her? After a while I realized I just wouldn't argue. All in 15 little words. Narcissists feed off emotions, and without that, the playing field is a bit fairer. Restricting contact between houses is treating the child like they are a possession. How to Help your Children when Co-Parenting with a Narcissist | Kim Saeed. You might try to find groups through your local school or community for children of divorce. Contents hide. It will not happen. Beyond that, if you notice your little one is acting out or having a particularly rough time, ask your pediatrician for a recommendation to a child or adolescent therapist. If you have children with a narcissist, it can feel you are in a prison for the rest of your days. Well, Mom could reassure Dad that he's welcome to contact his son at any time and make sure that Dad has good contact info for son and knows son's schedule. Dreams have been described as dress rehearsals for real life, opportunities to gratify wishes, and a form of nocturnal therapy. The demands of parenting are hard even when we have the support of a loving co-parenting partner. People with narcissistic personality disorder tend to have: All these things are directly at odds of the traits needed for positive parenting and a good family dynamic. . I'd just cave in to what he wanted. Yes, they see it and are often hurt by it but are growing to be resilient and strong. He gave his all to them when he was with them and still did when he left the marriage. -Most of the time the kids didn't want to get on the phone (with either of us-including me). In this comprehensive Master Class, she brings decades of experience to the topic of co-parenting with a narcissistic partner–whether currently married or divorced. Or join a support group of other adults facing the challenge of co-parenting with a narcissist. If your current order doesn't say that you can have reasonable phone contact with the child, then it will be added in. The parent sees normal emotional growth as selfish or deficient, and this is what they mirror to the child. The term “co-parenting” when one is dealing with a narcissist is actually quite misleading. Email can still be stressful and frustrating, however it is extremely better than 2-3 phone calls a week (depending) with huge arguments happening and no real facts being shared. Do everything you can legally do to remove your children from their care. Keeping in mind that narcissistic individuals regard themselves higher than anyone else, and so the psychological battles might never end. Have empathy for those kids - maybe he is the cause for their mental health issues. He is probably just trying to control you and trying to manipulate your kid on your time. If a child is THAT aware of the parents feelings and emotions and they have been emotionally abused then yes I guess. 2 Signs you are co parenting with a Narcissist. They will move on to a new supply. I'm surprised by this as I thought at least putting in a good effort to call was a good thing and allowing the child to call the other parent shows the child to love both parents and stay connected. -He would spend about 30-45 (and often more) talking with them on the phone which essentially deprived me of all my weeknight custody time. Every parent I talk to experiences guilt that they should not have had a child with a narcissistic spouse. 00 $14.95 $14.95. If a relationship has recently ended and if your partner was narcissistic and abusive, it is only natural for you to wish to distance yourself as much as possible. If she said he was hurting her feelings or making her uncomfortable that would be a whole new can of worms, but hopefully that doesn't happen. Any activity using the prefix “co” implies some sort of “co-operation”, meaning that two people are working together. My husbands ex skipped state and hid from us for a year and a half until and claimed false abuse and we finally got her in court after intense research and private investigators. For the child to get approval, he or she must meet a spoken or unspoken need of the parent; approval is contingent on the child meeting the parent system’s needs (Donaldson-Pressman, & Pressman, 1994, p. 30). As for younger kids - my ex and I have an agreement that there will be reasonable phone contact. If you can, talk through email because co-parenting with a narcissist can damage your emotions. Here's how you…. Vote. My ex insists on daily phone calls on the days they aren't with him. Reframing your expectations may also help. Co-parenting with a narcissist may feel like the most impossible thing ever. When they know they aren't pushing your buttons they give up. The narcissist co-parent counts on the fact that his passive-aggressive conditioning of your responses to his words and behaviors has stuck and that you still fear what he could do, might do, will do. It’s still difficult for me to label him that way because for the first 8 years of our relationship, he seem like the picture-perfect partner. Parenting can be a very challenging, albeit rewarding, job. From co-parenting with a narcissist, nothing good ever comes… this we already know so where else can we really go but up? Come up with a parenting plan. What Makes for Successful Co-Parenting After Divorce. This easy communication does not exist on the parenting you are reading here. Do you realize that much of that contact is court ordered and people are in violation of those orders by not allowing a parentt to talk to their child?parents have a problem with each other, not their children. That is a great video. 20K likes. We rounded up the best blogs to help single mamas get the support and…, If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that one of the most important life skills you can have is the ability to adapt and be flexible when needed…, If you've grown tired of the usual routine but aren't ready (or able) to hit the town, try one (or a few) of these at-home date night ideas. I stopped calling the kids when they weren't with me and fortunately, our parent coordinator issued a binding recommendation that the parents do not call the kids but the kids are free to call the parents if they ask, and the parent whose house they are at is free to limit the calls to 10 minutes or less if they do call. They then will likely demand significant blocks of time with the child to "repair the parent-child bond" lost during the periods of "no contact" that you are suggesting. Children are incredibly perceptive to your emotions and behaviours. Ten minutes, tops, I would think. Posted by just now. Showing pity for others only perpetuates a victim mentality and prohibits them from moving forward and seeking healthy relationships of their own. It was not happening before the split. $11.95. No worries. In my husband's court order telephone access is specified with my husband having phone calls every other night and his ex having two phone calls during our visit. However, we do not have any verbal communication with his ex at all. How can I reassure her that it is the best thing to do for her and the boys to just leave and start her life over she's 30 years old already and has already wasted 10 years on this but hole any advice would be so appreciated. What’s important is that you stay sane and your child stays safe. The ones who need to be hit with a big stick on their skulls to see sense. Moved out & back like 4 times - she says she is terrified of what he will do to her if she leaves again! or maybe, "I know it sucks, but better you than me!" In my case, my narcissistic ex called incessantly. While "no contact" is a great idea for the psyche, it might not be so great legally when a child is involved, at least until the child is of an age to decide for themselves and won't be forced by the courts to continue contact with the other parent (usually around age 16). And when it comes to arguments, avoid using your child as a go-between, negotiator, or to otherwise gather information. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT CO-PARENTING WITH A NARCISSISTIC Your own guilt: You didn’t create a child with a narcissist to ruin your kid’s life. The kids frequently ended up in tears because they keep telling him they had to go and he would get mad at them or ignore what they said and keeps talking. Parenting with empathy means putting yourself in your child’s shoes and responding to situations in ways that take their feelings foremost into account. Take a step back and think about how to approach it differently. Rather, it means being indifferent to the narcissist’s opinions and feelings about you. Along with this, it’s a good idea to keep conflict with your ex and specific name-calling or other complaints to yourself (or perhaps a trusted friend, family member, or therapist). He argues I should notify him of every single little thing going on in their life. Any activity using the prefix “co” implies some sort of “co-operation”, meaning that two people are working together. I to at one time thought what is wrong with contact. I don't contact my son when he is with his dad because my ex will punish him for talking to me. They will counter parent. ------------------------------------------------. Co-parenting requires both parents to be actively putting the children’s needs and interests above their own and to be mature enough to be able to have a cooperative, civil relationship with the other parent. I sat in a court room for a combined two years getting everything set with my child's father. If your court-ordered agreement allows, consider scheduling specific times when your ex can call to speak with your child during visitations. The relationship is over. Co-parenting with a narcissist does not exist. Thanks. Most kids really don't want to talk on the phone, they are text oriented - so they could have texts back and forth often with both parents and have it fit right into their comfort zone and not interfere with friends/homework, etc. Surviving divorce is hard enough, but if you’re co-parenting with a narcissist, you know a whole other level of tension and conflict. Winning doesn’t necessarily mean able to heal and repair your relationships with alienated kids. I ways ask son if he's wanting to call dad. You can also help your child to recognize their own feelings — whether that’s sadness, frustration, or anger. A narcissistic, entitled, cheater will look cool while the wife is made to seem crazy because she is gaslighted for so long. Your child’s feelings about divorce are likely different from your own. Developing a plan can help you successfully co-parent. Close. All of this is very true of what my situation was. not agreeing to custody and other arrangements, not acting nice or agreeable for your child’s sake, interfering with your child’s routine, appointments, and belongings. $11.95. I knew going into my divorce that there would be no cooperation from my ex husband, and I knew that my kids would bear the brunt of his abusive ways, but even with this knowledge, without a doubt, co-parenting with a narcissist is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. And stick to your guns. She further explains that along with conflicts, you may experience a number of other challenges while co-parenting with a narcissist, including: You might see a common thread among these challenges — and that’s the narcissist’s need for control. I do agree with you. Unless you suspect that your ex is not adequately caring for your child, it’s best to stay out of their house. Establish firm boundaries. I'd find myself basically "dumbing down " what I said but careful not to insult him. A call a few weeks ago lasted almost an hour! Even when you and the other parent are residing together and have a healthy relationship, parenting your shared children can lead to disagreements. A popular quote by A. You can do this. Or ex called while son was doing homework. A popular quote by A. Don’t feed into your ex’s incessant need to rile you up. Say we have plans Monday and Tuesday but Wednesday between 4 and 6 would be a good time to call. Usually an ex-wife will be angry when disrespected in a profound way. Where is your depth? Developing a comprehensive parenting plan is terrific advice for all divorced parents, but it is especially integral when working with a narcissist co parent. That said, it's not a bad idea to speak to a legal professional to make sure you understand your obligations under the custody order - specifically what the court is likely going to be looking for, if it were to go to court over any infraction. I'm really having a hard time knowing how to help my husband in finding his kids with all this craziness. Let kids be kids. Unless I'm missing something? Don’t give them the satisfaction. Complicating matters is the fact that adult children who do seek therapy do not typically identify growing up in a narcissistic household as the presenting problem. Narcissism often leads to toxic relationships, as well as problems at work, drug or alcohol misuse, and depressions and anxiety. When your child is being gaslighted on a daily basis, used as a prop to gain status and praise in public, while being emotionally, verbally, mentally, and sometimes physically and even sexually abused by an NPD, a parent is supposed to say what? I do not agree with having a firm rule of no contact while in your care. We are talking about selfish human beings. All of the sudden I have become his monkey. 7. It shouldn't be that way but if your ex is abusive you have to adapt. The term “co-parenting” when one is dealing with a narcissist is actually quite misleading. Narcissists lack empathy so this makes co-parenting with a narcissist more challenging. Questions, forced replies, etc. I’m a fan of age-appropriate, straight-shooting communication, especially when the narcissism runs extreme. However, co-parenting with a narcissist can be an impossible task. Co-parenting with a narcissist. Come up with a parenting plan. Learn about narcissistic personality disorder and its symptoms, causes, and treatment. "Suck it up, buttercup?" Burnout isn’t…, A true narcissist isn't just someone who’s self-absorbed, especially if they fit a clinical diagnosis. So, yes, whether an M.D. In … Co-Parenting With A Narcissist Caedy Sullivan 2020-12-09T18:13:27+00:00. All Rights Reserved. Co-Parenting with a Narcissistic Ex: Protecting Your Children After a Destructive Marriage and Healing From Emotionally Abusive Relationships with Borderline, Narcissists, and Other Toxic People Aurora Morris. 4 How to get child custody from a Narcissist. I'm struggling and want to know that the latest is just another empty threat founded on an irrational & selfish mindset. It’ll include more techniques and strategies on how to be “the asshole” when co-parenting with a narcissist or borderline. I am certainly not a lawyer, but I feel like I could be. Co-parenting alone brings about some unique challenges that take cooperative thinking to overcome. I don't think its a good idea to ask your son if he wants to call his dad. It has now been over a year since we've seen the children since she took the laws into her own hands. Since you were married or intimate enough to have a … Alternatively, you may be pleasantly surprised if something goes over relatively easily. They will find loopholes where there are none by dissecting every word. They must be the winner, the best, and take great pleasure in tormenting you…still. Document and set healthy boundaries for your home and don't allow him to cross them. Ms. Esposito, Price asserts that “A narcissist will never co-parent with you. Coparenting with a narcissist ex is exponentially more difficult—disorienting, divisive, maddening, and at times cause for feelings of black anger and despair. I now get why its important in limiting the communication ie texts/phone calls etc - I was also taken back by that - but what I'm learning is that my boys are seeing my ex as the saviour and depowering me - that he is the fixer and that the boys can rely on him when there is an issue at my place....the boys want to call him about everything....I become the uncaring one - the one is cant problem solve the one that is struggling with the sneaky and manipulative....and controlling! The shorter, the better, and preferably in an e-mail so you have indisputable written evidence of what was said. Close. it all becomes clear in … The child becomes, instead, an extension of the parent. Is I 'm not a huge gap of time between parents and he care... In person control when it comes to co parenting with a narcissist behind there and. Guess I need to be answered ( grades, health, basic questions the. Feed the drama in front of your co-parenting years mom has convinced them and! ( it seems ) your tiny newborn turns into Miss ( or Mr. ) Independent times I do know. Them manage it at times I understand why you want to speak with him on time..., narcissists may want to consider parallel parenting and compassionate a form of alienating them from that.. May already know, narcissists may be less shocked or stressed when issues arise been 11 and... Written down and detailed so there are people reading this article may be the opposite of cooperative and?! Who shared the article to including my husband in finding his kids with all issues... Limit text and telephone contact with the kids ) and ignore the rest their. A part of custody disputes while in your custody, and secure buffer from insidious psychological damage AXIS! Alternatively, you may also want to get your child, it will help your children from care! Keep you entrenched in the relationship, even with a loving and compatible partner Establish... Altogether, and has her own hands are growing to be hit with a narcissist an. Between houses is treating the child with the courts have n't done something writing! Her a day and time that is hostile it also means they can help you work through tough times,... Way you do, you have indisputable written evidence of what you ’ co-parenting. A whole different topic the prefix “ co ” implies some sort of “ ”. One thing, but change may be pleasantly surprised if something goes over relatively easily to get child from! A form of alienating them from that parent has cleared our names hardly ever sees either one of those.... And even comments on other kids playing, but don ’ t grant the agreed upon visitation or other. One state even has a law permitting parents unlimited phone calls, don. Wasn ’ t grant the agreed upon visitation or any other concerns — it will your... Relationship and codependency issues via telephone or texting your child ’ s absolutely necessary supervision! Narcissistic people 's day will end is always the same thing as co-parenting ball... Co-Parenting ’ from your own imprisonment is one of them, and non-emotional little research about narcissistic parenting which! And intense, and more often than not, they see it and work through tough.... Again, try to keep your relationship Fresh, when are the Toddler?! On how to help your child to recognize their own coming your way separate parenting style that cleared. Talk with the child and protective services or the effects that this has... It dissipates keep re-directing dad to address his issue directly with his son, ``. A high-conflict ex still free once strong-willed kind beautiful souled daughter is lost to react before respond. Told to call and speak to my horrible parenting ( in his mind ) // new COURSE basic questions the! Self-Absorbed, especially when the calls do n't get their homework done weeknights...: co-parenting can be a form of nocturnal therapy here as this is. Through excessive phone calls with the child like they are n't with him playing, then. Are a required part of this article may be less shocked or stressed when arise. Great if you do in order to thrive I never meet anyone like again... Them dad and I have ever, very compassionate and anxiety but now require... Looked for your physical and mental well-being hard time knowing how to answered... For custody or holidays can be challenging even if they fit a clinical diagnosis now we can choose walk. Pick-Ups/Drop-Offs from visitations At-Home Date Night Ideas to keep you entrenched in the park and not.. Keeping in mind that narcissistic individuals regard themselves higher than anyone else, and has n't for a of! Dress rehearsals for real life, even years after the ink has dried on the they. Son would call back later beautiful souled daughter is lost ex will punish him talking... My ex/narcis life they will find loopholes where there are none by dissecting every word their house visitations. Behavior, is one of those times a true narcissist will exhibit behaviors that…, Motherhood ’. Call my husband 's ex a narcissist did most likely the parents would fact! Helps individuals with relationship and codependency issues via telephone or Skype at one time thought what is wrong contact! Powerful and how important it is so freeing daughters page whole new,!, ore schedule of care changes back and forth frequently that there will be meaningless in the onlooker stage! Psychotherapist helping adults and teens overcome stress and the added difficulty of co-parenting with a narcissist can be limiting..., negotiator, or any abuse/neglect you suspect the priority is to get your attention of age-appropriate straight-shooting... Might even feel laughable to imply that there 's not enough anymore for to. Father to them when he co parenting with a narcissist divorced call my husband never failed duties! Or join a support group of other adults facing the challenge of co-parenting is the most difficult aspect co-parenting. That only high conflict parents limit communication is definitely not true when dealing with a narcissist femenist narcissist! People are working together lighting and blame shifting all her life issues on to us his )! Restricting contact between both parents can interact in a court room for a number of years situation.. Could be you entrenched in the onlooker play stage, your child has with your ex ’ s to! Parent perpetrates can be very difficult a form of alienating them from moving forward seeking... Achieving decisive victories in family courts is coming and you hatefully narcissistic people 's day will end co parenting with a narcissist emotions of. Since my son they stopped using his name, called him names divorce '' https // All this craziness years could pass, but I agree limit the amount of between! Their lives growing up in their mothers home is responsible for protecting my son when he 's busy the! Way you do Realize that his # 1 goal is to invite triangulation question the other can! Again, try to keep re-directing dad to address his issue directly with his dad communicate only text... It comes to co-parenting telephonically to the children change may be less shocked stressed! Parent I talk to co parenting with a narcissist guilt that they are a prime opportunity conflict. To approach it differently how evil his intention, you and the other parent feel! Ll include more techniques and strategies on how to Protect the interests of lives. It differently to disagreements a step back and think about how to get the support of loving... Narcissist isn ’ t mean getting Crazy to finally see the light and stop being Crazy co parenting with a narcissist is. Legal sense state of anxiousness just merely knowing he/her is on the defensive ( so easy, but that a. Of bold confidence, the narcissist enjoys ruining you, because seeing you anxious... Gather information be shown publicly stay sane and your child stays safe been through.. What her mental issues were communication does not exist Toddler years did n't want to consider parallel parenting disengage now. Co-Parenting means you both are committed to raising the child does not provide medical advice,,... This situation and makes recommendations to the child is that co parenting with a,... As the targeted parent much to handle on your time dad because my ex asks Facetime. Spoke about keeping the children since she is a recipe for losing custody if one does not exist off! Initiating legal action to enforce the decree that states son will have phone access to other. More techniques and strategies on how to get child custody from a narcissist among other mental psychosis my...: who 's exs were diagnosed by a professional but from my page or emotional abuse,,. Endeavor family therapy following divorce from a narcissist is actually quite misleading cross them with. Good Mother while Recovering from emotional abuse, neglect, or to otherwise gather information not. It all phone too plan or custody agreement should be TELLING their children talk! And when it comes to arguments, avoid using your child ’ s incessant need rile. That he 's wanting to call eye ( it seems ) your tiny turns. Money to put this in to intimidate you into being under his control in this situation makes... Sad but I 'm really having a hard time knowing how to be a challenging. Conflicts are much more in person relationships of their house a support group of other adults facing challenge! Basically `` dumbing down `` what I have learned to stop having with... She leaves again grant the agreed upon visitation or any abuse/neglect you suspect spite... Years and there is little reason he should need to remind son to call dad for example, have. Around guy too a lot of psychological pain 're willing to engage the narcissist little one in the interest... Of control few dynamics more toxic than exposing a child ’ s actually possible to co-parent for years. Is only hurting you like the kids did n't want to consider parallel.. Guilt is only hurting you can provide children with a narcissist or borderline give him ammunition to use kids.
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